Rastrick International College Terms and Conditions and Conditions of Acceptance

Individual Applicant Terms and Conditions

To be accepted by the applicant and, whenever appropriate, his/her parent/guardian or other sponsor.

  1. A deposit of £1000.00 is to be submitted by student or guardian, this will be retained and returned to you, within 28 days of the student completing the programme, should no monies be outstanding or any damage caused to the school. An administration fee of £100.00 is charged, this is non-refundable.
  2. The balance of fees is due before the first day of the course.
  3. The deposit and subsequent payments are non-refundable and any exception to this provision will be made only at the discretion of The Head Teacher. Note, the deposit, where the student is not granted a visa within six months of paying the deposit becomes non-refundable.
  4. Public examination fees are not included in the tuition costs.
  5. The College reserves the right to refuse entry to public examinations if tuition fees have not been paid in full and/or if a student fails to meet the satisfactory level of work, attendance or performance.
  6. Timetables and fees may be altered at short notice should circumstances demand it.
  7. Transfer to and from Manchester Airport or any other local airport is provided at a fee.
  8. Rastrick International College and its servants and agents will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property, howsoever caused, save only where liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute.
  9. Rastrick International College will not be liable in the event that any service or contracted to be supplied by itself, its servants or agents becomes impossible to supply by reason of industrial dispute or other cause outside its control.
  10. All residential accommodation is controlled and administered by Rastrick Tutorial College. All allocation of rooms is at the college’s discretion. Any damage to college property, however accidental, must be paid for, in full to the extent of replacement or repair. Rastrick International College reserves the right to expel any student or students for misbehaviour in which event any refund will only be made as indicated herein before in 3.
  11. All information contained herein and in the Rastrick International College courses outline is published in good faith. However, Rastrick International College reserves the right to alter any particular, including fees, should it deem necessary and at its discretion.
  12. Rastrick International College is not liable for any claims for accident, illness, third party liability, or loss of personal property. The student must ensure they have taken out adequate insurance cover for the duration of their course.
  13. The college reserves the right to dismiss any student whose standard of work or conduct is unsatisfactory. Under these circumstances, fees for the remainder of that term remain payable.
  14. The college cannot accept responsibility for any situation arising, directly or indirectly, as a result of a failure to disclose, in writing, any materialinformation regarding the academic or personal situation of the applicant, including all health issues.
  15. The college will not be held responsible for being unable to deliver courses as a result of policies or actions of government agencies, although will offer assistance in making alternative arrangements in such an eventuality.
  16. It is very helpful to the college to be able to use student photographs or names for marketing purposes. Any student or parent who wishes to withhold permission should contact the college in writing.

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